Here is my bio in third person because apparently that's like an artist kind of thing to do.

Miles Khan is a geeky, London based Graphic Designer and Artist. Born half Guyanese, half Slovenian, he graduated from the most prestigious, highly acclaimed Croydon School of Art in 2011 with a BA Honours Degree in Graphic Design. A weird but wonderful character who's glass is always half full and has an eye to find beauty in simplicity and the most mundane.

Prior to Miles returning to study Graphic Design he spent his days in carpentry and decorating as well as interior designing using CAD systems, always wanting to push the boundaries of design to the limits, innovating, creating and exploring new ways of using materials. He has aspirations of one day creating his own brand and pioneering innovative and engaging design through tactile mediums.

Influenced by modernism, counter culture, contemporary design and with his former experience in graffiti, Miles has developed a diverse portfolio of skills and techniques that has eventually led to his distinctive flatness and use of compound shapes and colours in his work. 

Prints are always hand pulled and, when possible, made on his custom built printing press. Canvases are all unique and often created with a combination of spray paint, acrylics and on occasion screen-printed on. Miles is one to attempt anything within his reach or capabilities, doesn't believe in the idea that something can't be done. Miles can often be found at his show's with his press, live printing, making limited edition runs of prints on the night.