Self-Esteem / Pu-FlGr-Mag

Self-Esteem / Pu-FlGr-Mag

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500mg (297x420mm)
Limited Edition of 4

Active Ingredients:
3 colour Screen Print on 240gsm Coloured, Cartridge Card

Date of Prescription:

Drug Facts:
The Pill range in Miles Khan's collection of works defines his message in a beautifully simplistic way. The Pill in this case representing our addiction to keep on buying into consumer culture with the branding contained merely being a vessel to communicate luxury and wealth.

With all the elements considered it needs little explanation to see that what this pill represents is the concept that we consume luxury brands in order to feed our narcissistic tendencies, and like a drug once we start consuming more and more we become dependant on those brands in order to exhibit signs of wealth/success. Society leads us to believe that we are triumphant in our endeavours by what we buy and who see's it.

What were to happen when that success comes to a halt, your self-worth and your ego start to hang in the balance, parallel to most narcotics, you will start feel the effect of a comedown, concerned of what the people around you will think, how they will judge you, all the while taking our basic human needs for granted.